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Binaural Beats offer a great way to reap the benefits of meditation without spending countless hours trying to get into the perfect meditative state. Here is a quick overview of what they are, how they work and what the benefits are. 




Binaural beats refer to a brainwave entrainment technology that is designed to put the brain into the meditative state that a person experiences when they use traditional meditation techniques. But the downside of traditional meditation is that it is quite difficult to master. In fact, it can take several years before you learn these methods, something that makes a lot of people miss out on the true benefits of meditation. Binaural beats put you in a meditative state quickly and easily. Therefore, Brainwave entrainment offers you an opportunity to use meditation for personal growth, spiritual practice or relaxation. You do not require any special practice or skills to meditate through binaural beats. All you need is an MP3 player and a pair of decent headphones.

How to use binaural beats

1. Choose a perfect spot for meditation

The place you choose should be quiet and comfortable and it also needs to be free of any distractions. Ensure that you arm yourself with an MP3 player. Alternatively, you can use your computer or stereo. Sit back, relax and then bliss out.

2. Get enough time

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of these tracks, make sure to give yourself ample time. The brain requires seven minutes to entrain to frequency. It is recommended to use 30-minute Omharmonics track to get the most from your meditation. However, you can use 15-minute meditation to distress and relax if you are short on time.

3. Choose how to meditate

You are free to use traditional meditation techniques if you want. Alternatively, you can choose to sit on a couch, bed or chair. Majority of people close their eyes when meditating to minimize instances of distraction. You may select a focal point to train your brain to focus.

You won’t hear the beats produced by your brain. The only things you will hear are the soundtracks. These soothing and relaxing soundscapes are meant to put a user in the best mind-frame for meditation.

Benefits of binaural beats

1. It makes meditation easy
Meditation plays a significant role in life. Once you get into the state of meditation, you can do just about anything you want. Below are a few examples of things you can do once you get into a meditative state:
• Practice how to have a silent mind: By simply concentrating on Omharmonics soundtrack, you will be able quiet your mind’s chatter and even lose yourself in the music.
• Be self-conscious: This is the opportunity for you to listen in to your mind. You will be amazed at the thoughts that will come up. The first step to positive change is awareness.
• Become more spiritually connected
• Meditation also helps to improve your health and a sense of well-being

2. Stress relief

One of the best methods of relieving stress is through meditation. Binaural beats soothe your mind using a soundtrack that basically takes you far away from your current problems. Studies have shown that daily meditation can improve activities in brain areas that are responsible for good moods. It also decreases activity in the brain’s stress regions. Reducing stress is very important for not only improving but also maintaining health. Therefore, a daily practice of meditation will have effects reaching just about every cell in your body.

You can use binaural beats to reduce stress by becoming conscious of your inner speech when meditating. As you listen, take note of negativity which includes worrying, blaming, complaining, anger, jealousy, irritation, and sadness among other things. Use this opportunity to change your inner dialogue to one that’s more positive.

3. Increase your mental abilities

Binaural beats are very efficient in syncing the activities in two different hemispheres of the brain. This way, you are able to think more holistically by both logic and intuition. Whole-brain thinking is what is known as genius thinking.

Other benefits include:

• Improved quality of sleep
• Improved focus which is very important especially in students as it improves learning and memorizing.
• It can also help you quit cigarettes since research shows that smokers turn to cigarettes in a bid to relieve stress.


Binaural beats basically help your mind to get quickly and easily into a meditative state. Traditional methods of meditation are hard to master, which is why most people miss out on its benefits. Binaural beats allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of meditation without spending years mastering the art.


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