About us

IMG_2189Just so I’m not another face hidden behind a computer screen, here is a bit of info (and a pic of me and my wife) explaining who I am, what my newsletter will consist of and what my goals are for the future of this site.

I’ll be the first to admit, some of the info on my site, (and a handful of my emails) may not be for you.

Everyone is on a different path and at different stages on that path.

Where one person will read an article and think “WOW, I’ve never thought of it like that before!” the next person will be thinking “WOW, that’s the 1000th time I’ve heard that.” So I apologize up front if a few emails or some of the content on my site is not what you’re looking for. I’ll do my best to help as many people as I can, but unfortunately, it’s impossible to keep everyone happy.

That being said, I greatly appreciate your input. I only know what I find interesting and what helps me, but I want to know what you are looking for.

Let me know at info@themindsguide.com.

If there are dead links, products you weren’t happy with, articles that you think are rubbish etc. please let me know. I will look into it ASAP an make corrections when necessary.

My promise to you: I will continue to improve TheMind’sGuide.com, this newsletter and also continue to find great products that I know we can benefit from.

If you’re signed up for the newsletter, be looking for my emails:

              Dominic Schmidt – TheMind’sGuide.com.
Let’s enjoy this journey together!