14 Tips for a More Optimistic Life

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Your attitude is a key factor in whether or not you are going to enjoy your life. Your perception of your world can alter your reality. How is it that two people can look at the same scenario and one sees a lesson to be learned or actually takes great joy in it while the other sees nothing but despair? It’s all in your perception. Use these tips to help guide you to a more optimistic outlook on life.


1. Sing a Happy Song

  • Whenever you find yourself slipping down a negative slope, start singing your happy song. This can be any song that makes you smile, get up and dance or simply reminds you of a happier time.
  • Music has an amazing ability to immediately shift your mood in the right direction.


2. Practice Gratitude

  • It’s easy to think of all the things that could be better, but you need to remind yourself that things can always be a lot worse. There are people in this world that would feel as if they had just won the lottery if they were in your shoes.
  • Many studies have shown that expressing gratitude is a key to happiness. So get in to the habit of practicing gratitude often. You’ll find that you have a lot to be grateful for.


3. Get Outside

  • A brisk walk outside is often just what the doctor ordered. This is a great natural mood booster.
  • Take in your surroundings. Enjoy the wind, the trees and the chirping birds. If at all possible, go to a park or green space where there is more than just pavement and vehicles.


4. Focus on Your Breathing

  • Focusing on your breathing is a great way to clear your head and get back to zero.
  • It can also decrease stress, improve your mood and increase circulation.
  • Make sure you’re taking deep breaths. Breath in. Count to three. Breath out. 


5. Take Time to Smile

  • It takes more muscles to frown than to smile so its better to take the easy road on this one.
  • Smiling alone helps boost your mood. And sharing a smile with someone else is even better (and free!).


6. Bring More Laughter Into Your Life

  • Laughing has multiple health benefits including a reduction in stress levels, improvements to cardiac health and can also trigger the release of endorphins.
  • Laughter is a great way to get lost in the moment and forget your problems.
  • So many people take life too seriously. Why should you? Of course there is a time and a place, but you know you can always loosen up a little. Learn to laugh at yourself.


7. Become a Volunteer

  • Helping others in need is a great way to boost your mood and help someone else in the process. The ultimate win-win.
  • Help out with a local event, homeless shelter or with some other local organization that you find an interest in.


8. Random Act of Kindness

  • Giving up your spot in line or on the bus is a nice, quick, mood booster.
  • If someone shows you a random act of kindness, pay it forward.


9. Learn From a Child

  • Watch a child play. See how lost they become in the moment. Practice that childlike innocence.
  • Sit down and read them a story. Try to see it through their eyes. Ask them questions about it or about life in general. It’s refreshing to see life from their perspective. 


10. Live in the Now

  • Remind yourself that worrying about the future and living in the past does no good. Unless you’re actually preparing for the future or learning from past experiences, don’t waste your time.
  • Keep your thoughts on the now. Become immersed in the present. Enjoy everything that “now” has to offer. 


11. Find a New Hobby (or pick up an old one)

  • Rekindle your creative side. Start painting, writing or anything else that will let your express your creative side.
  • Everyone has a creative side. If you’ve kept yours suppressed, let it out. You just might surprise yourself. If you can’t think of anything, try looking up your local parks and rec. They typically have all kinds of programs to choose from. 


12. Help The Needy

  • Again, random acts of kindness are the key here. Go out and help someone that is in more need than you.
  • Being reminded that there are others out there far worse off than you can really put things into perspective.
  • Go to a area in your community where there are homeless people. Hand out sack lunches or just listen to their story.


13. Go for a Jog

  • Get your heart pumping and shoot for that runners high.
  • If you are new to running try doing a run/walk outing. Go from a brisk walk to a sprint/jog; switching every minute and a half.


14. Start a Journal

  • This is a perfect time for reflection. Let it all out and put it down on paper. Writing things down is a great way to help clarify your thoughts.
  • Write down anything significant that happened that day. Think about what you were feeling, what the specific situation was or what goals you are trying to achieve.


Wrapping things up…

It’s easy to fall into a downward spiral of depressing negative thoughts, but with a little effort, you will be able to shift your thoughts to a more positive outlook. Remember to focus on the now (get out of your head!) and let tomorrow worry about itself. Remain grateful and keep your attitude positive so you can see how beautiful and enjoyable life can really be.

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